Tien Shan: the Celestial Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

By Joseba Umbelina|25 de October, 2014|

The last August I was feeling like doing a mountain trip, a good trekking […]

The best astronomical pictures of 2014

By Joseba Umbelina|3 de October, 2014|

The Royal Observatory of GreenwichR has recently published the winners of the Astronomy Photographer […]

Burning Man 2014: an original festival in the Black Rock Desert

By Joseba Umbelina|6 de September, 2014|

Burning Man is the name of one of the most original festival in the […]

Faces of Afghanistan: eyes from a country in a never ending conflict

By Joseba Umbelina|12 de July, 2014|

The people of Afghanistan have been suffering the war during decades but they have […]

Cory Richards: a tribute to discomfort

By Joseba Umbelina|5 de July, 2014|

If you are following the World Photos page on Facebook you probably already saw […]

Gorner Glacier: exploring ice caves in the Alps

By Joseba Umbelina|27 de June, 2014|

The Gorner Glaciar, Gornergletscher in German, is a glacier valley located on the west […]

Kazbegi: a beautiful mountain town in Georgia

By Joseba Umbelina|21 de June, 2014|

Kazbegi, also known as Stepantsminda, is a small town north of Georgia and 10km […]

iPhone Photography Awards 2014 winners

By Joseba Umbelina|13 de June, 2014|

They have just announced the winners of the iPhone Photography Awards 2014 with the […]

Starry Night Dreams: beautiful night photography by Ben Canales

By Joseba Umbelina|3 de June, 2014|

Have you ever gaze to the stars in a summer night? maybe on the […]

The magical cave of Mutnovsky volcano in Siberia

By Joseba Umbelina|30 de May, 2014|

Incredible colours like in a fairy tale.. that’s how it is this cave discovered […]

Copenhagen: the city of the bicycles in Denmark

By Joseba Umbelina|19 de May, 2014|

Last year in my trip to Greenland I had the chance to spend an […]

Kermode bear: the legend of the Spirit Bear

By Joseba Umbelina|15 de May, 2014|

So the legend says that 10,000 years ago, when the glacial ice was covering […]

Top 10 travel destinations for 2014 by Lonely Planet

By Joseba Umbelina|9 de May, 2014|

The experts of the famous Lonely Planet travel guides have chosen the best countries […]

Lesotho: the mountainous kingdom of South Africa

By Joseba Umbelina|29 de April, 2014|

The kingdom of Lesotho, formerly known as Basutolandia, is a small African country completely […]

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